Our Mission

No matter who you are, or where you live and work, no matter your religion or no religion.

The Global Democracy Project is a non-profit, non-partisan, and religiously-neutral organization.

We intend to share the value and yield of a democratic lifestyle with all the peoples of our world via semi-autonomous national organizations and a signature campus working in four Mission Project areas:

Senator Edward Moore Kennedy Nyakoi Vision Institute.

SEVINK Vision Institute.

Nyakoi is Clear Eyes

Kofi Annan Savanna Academy


Barack Obama Sustainable Development Institute


FONDINGIA; A Triad of stipend-supported Community Service Associations.

To accompany us in our work is a group of equally passionate and dedicated HonFellows of our Honorary Fellows Society. They form our Communities Engagement Teams for The GDP and our national organizations,

FONDINGIA - Community Service Associations

FONDINGMUSO: Girls and women

In service to the Blind and Visually-impaired.


In service to Orphaned children and Single Parents.

FONDINGKAY: Boys and men

In service to the Elderly and Physically-challenged.

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OUR Projects


Named in honor of the late great Senator Edward Moore Kennedy of Massachusetts, USA.

Eye Clinic & Lens Lab

Managed by a Resident Medical Director to offer minor ophthalmic surgeries and eye health education.

Assisted by the Ophthalmology Club (OC) of Senior students of our Kofi Annan Savanna Academy who desire a career in the Ophthalmic Sciences and Art.

Supported by:


Guest Surgeon Program

Guest Lecturer Program

Guest Equipment Manufacturer

And by:

FONDINGMUSO Community Service Association for the Blind and Visually-impaired.

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Kofi Annan Savanna Academy-KASA

Named in honor of the late UN Secretary General and Nobel Peace Laureate from Kumasi, Ghana.

A K-12 Mixed Day and Boarding school with particular focus on STEM education, character-building, and Experiential Learning.

DAY School: K-8

BOARDING: 9-12th


for Boarding Students

Ophthalmology Club-OC

Robotics Club-ROCC

for Junior and Senior students.

Public Policy Club-Peepol

for Boarding students.

Foreign Language Club


for 7th to 12th grade students.



Barack Obama Sustainable Development Institute BOSUDI

In honor of the 44th President of the United States of America and Nobel Peace Laureate from the great state of Hawaii.

BOSUDI Farms and Dairy

BOSUDI Fresh Market


Solar and Bioenergy

ReCycle, ReDesign, ReUse


A Disaster and Conflict Prevention and Mitigation Consortium

PARADIGMS Newsletter

Home of our FONDINGIA

A triad of Community Service Associations 

Campus Facilities Management

Campus Tours and Events




In Service for our Blind and Visually-impaired

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In Service for our Orphaned children and their Guardians

Lend a Hand


In Service for our Elderly and Physically-challenged

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Honorary Fellow Society - HFS

No Dues or Fees required to join our HonFellows. Your passion for our Mission and your generous spirit is all we need.

Our HonFellows are 25yrs or older, and they are our Patrons, Boosters, Fundraising event organizers, Campus and Farm Tour Guides, Fresh Market customers, and parents and guardians of our Kofi Annan Savanna Academy students.

HonFellows also assist our Ophthalmology Club to ensure that our Guest Surgeons, Guest Lecturers, and Guest Equipment Manufacturers have a memorable experience. They accompany our guests on excursions and other community events.

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