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President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara

Senator Teddy Kennedy

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Vision Institute

The Vision Institute includes

The Eye Clinic


Patient Family Suite

The Lens Lab



Resident Director's Office

Ophthalmology Club Office


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Resident Medical Director

The RMD oversees the management of the Vision Institute and Leads the Ophthalmology Club (OC).

Assisted by our OC students and HFS-Gambia, the RMD coordinates the accommodations and activities for our GSP/GLP/GEM program guests.

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Ophthalmology Club - OC

Senior students of our Kofi Annan Savanna Academy who desire a career in the Ophthalmic Sciences and Art will have the opportunity for apprenticeship and training at the Vision Institute under the leadership of our RMD. A two-year Certificate Program for Ophthalmology Tech will be designed for them so that one year after their Senior year, they will be able to either work in an Ophthalmologist's office or they will be adequately prepared for further education and training to become an Ophthalmologist.

The OC publishes the Lanceto Newsletter

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The Community Service Association of FONDINGIA open to Girls and Women ages 16-25 and 40-55 engaged in service to the Blind and Visually-impaired.

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This is the main Pharmacy for our campus and surrounding communities with a generous supply for our Vision Institute patients as well as our school Infirmary.

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Lanceto Gazette

Eye Health News

Innovations in Ophthalmology

Patient Stories

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