The Global Democracy Project The GDP

The Global Democracy Project The GDP

The Global Democracy Project The GDPThe Global Democracy Project The GDPThe Global Democracy Project The GDP

Working today to change tomorrow!

The Global Democracy Project The GDP

The Global Democracy Project The GDP

The Global Democracy Project The GDPThe Global Democracy Project The GDPThe Global Democracy Project The GDP

Working today to change tomorrow!

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Board Development Highlights

Board Member; The GDP/G

Mr. Omar Kebbeh; Illinois

Originally from Gambia, Mr. Kebbeh obtained MSc. Computer Science from Jackson State University.  He is a Software Engineer at John Deere.

He volunteers in his community of Illinois where he lives with his wife. Among his volunteer organizations is United Way.

Mr. Kebbeh speaks Mandinka and Wollof.

We are proud and honored to have Mr. Kebbeh as member of The GDP Board, and Ex-officio, member of The GDPGambia Board.


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National Organization Highlights

Board Member - The GDPGambia Board.
Mr. Modou Lamin Darboe; Gambia.

Mr. Darboe is from Fajikunda and a veteran Teacher. He is Lecturer of Economics and Finance at the Gambia Technical Training Institute.

 Mr. Darboe volunteers with his native Salikenni Scholarship Fund help give back to the organization that helped him through Grade School.

Mr. Darboe is fluent in Mandinka and Wollof.
He lives in Fajikunda with his wife and child.

We are proud and honored to have Mr. Darboe in the Board of The GDPGambia.

The GDPGambia

The GDPGambia Leadership Team


As  a pioneer organization with a wholesome Mission, The GDPGambia is  fortunate to attract the cream of committed and energetic Gambian  professionals to our Leadership Team. 

They are parents themselves, who live and work in Gambia and all around the world. Some  from among our youthful population.

Wont you join with us to change lives!

Signature CAMPUS


True  to our Mission, we are best at home among rural communities who do not  have reasonable access to eye health care or a quality world class  education and training for their children.

Our self-sufficient Signature Campus contains all our Mission Project facilities and is home to our:

Honorary Fellow Society


FONDINGIA Community Service Associations



Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara was the first President of Gambia and the country's first Veterinary Surgeon. He was the country's first Prime Minister and he helped to negotiate the Independence of Gambia from Great Britain to become the first President of the Republic of Gambia.

President Jawara lived among us as a champion of democracy who is revered the world over, and an elder Statesman.

We are proud to dedicate our Senator Edward Moore Kennedy Nyakoi Vision Institute in the honour of Late President Sir DK Jawara.

Sidia Jatta KASA


A renown linguist and educationist, Hon. Sidia Jatta is a member of the National Assembly representing his native Wulli Constituency and a senior member of the PanAfrican Parliament of the African Union.

Hon. Sidia Jatta is a pioneer in developing educational curricula in Gambia's major ethnic languages of Mandinka, Wollof, and Fula and an author of local grammar in those languages.

We are proud to dedicate our Kofi Annan Savanna Academy in his honor as the Sidia Jatta - Kofi Annan Savanna Academy.



Late Hon. Alh. Musa Darbo was a teacher before serving in Parliament representing his native Sandou Constituency. He served in the first cabinet of Independent Gambia as Minister of Education, then of Health, Labor, and Social welfare, and briefly as Speaker of Parliament.

Hon. Darbo was appointed in successive Republic governments as Gambia's Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea Conakry, and Guinea Bissau, and later to Libya, Egypt, Malta, and Tunisia. An eminent Conflict Resolution Specialist,Hon. Darbo helped to resolve communal conflicts in his native Sandou and later in Liberia's early civil strife as Gambia/ECOWAS envoy to the President of Liberia.

We are proud to dedicate our Barack Obama Sustainable Development Institute in his honour as the Musa Darbo - Barack Obama SUDI.

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